Design, development, and testing of an environmental P-T cell for infrared spectroscopy measurements
S. De Angelis, M. Ferrari, M. C. De Sanctis, D. Biondi, A. Boccaccini, A. Morbidini, M. Formisano, E. Ammannito, T. Di Iorio
Oct - 2018
DOI: 10.1063/1.5047038

journal : Review of Scientific Instruments

Volume : 89 ; Issue : 10
type: Article Journal

Water absorption bands due to superficially adsorbed molecules often dominate the near-infrared spectra of particulate minerals and rocks, when measured in the laboratory in the reflectance mode. In order to remove this, the spectral effect is thus necessary to acquire spectra of samples in vacuum and at higher temperatures. With the aim to accomplish this task, we developed an environmental cell to perform infrared spectroscopic measurements at controlled pressure-temperature conditions. Currently the cell allows one to measure reflectance spectra in the temperature range from room values up to 300 °C (573 K), in the pressure range of 103–10−6 mbar. The acquisition of spectra continuously in two distinct phases, namely, during a preliminary pumping stage (at room T) and subsequently during a heating stage (in vacuum), permits to highlight and characterize separately the effect of pressure and temperature on infrared spectra.

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