High altitude ammonia ice clouds observed by Juno/JIRAM at stationary positions
Filacchione, G. ; Sindoni, G. ; Adriani, A. ; ... Plainaki, C. ; ... Olivieri, A. ; et al.
Sep - 2017

Event Title : European Planetary Science Congress 2017, held 17-22 September, 2017 in Riga Latvia
Published in: EPSC 2017-850
Publisher: EPSC
type: Conference Proceedings

We report the first spectroscopic identification of high altitude ammonia ice clouds observed in three discrete oval structures in the atmosphere of Jupiter by the Jovian InfraRed Auroral Mapper (JIRAM]) on board the Juno spacecraft. The ovals are observed at stationary positions in 2.57 micron radiance maps derived from JIRAM's spectrometer channel data acquired on Aug 2th 2016 (observation phase #2) and Aug 25th 2016 (#3) during Juno's first perijove passage. A quantitative analysis of these three features is performed by means of an inversion technique based on Bayesian method.

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