Frequency-comb-assisted absolute calibration and linestrength of H12C13CH ro-vibrational transitions in the 2ν3 band
Valentina Di Sarno; Paolo De Natale; Jordanka Tasseva; Luigi Santamaria; Elisabetta Cané; Filippo Tamassia; Pasquale Maddaloni
Feb - 2018
DOI: 10.1016/j.jqsrt.2017.10.030

journal : Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer

Volume : 206 ; Issue : February 2018
type: Article Journal

We report on a precision spectroscopic study of room-temperature H12C13CH in the 6463–6520 cm range, using a continuous-wave diode laser phase-locked to a near-infrared optical frequency comb synthesizer stabilized, in turn, against a GPS-disciplined rubidium clock. By tuning the comb repetition frequency, several ro-vibrational transitions in the P and R branches of the 2ν3 overtone band are recorded. Accuracy levels as low as 100 kHz, in fractional terms, are obtained in the determination of absolute line-center frequencies. In addition, line intensities are measured for the first time, with a best fractional uncertainty of 1%, and used to retrieve the purely vibrational transition dipole moment in conjunction with the first-order Herman–Wallis factor. Finally, the pressure broadening coefficients γself are also derived for the studied transitions.

keywords : Absolute frequency metrology;Linestrength;H12C13CH;Ro-vibrational spectroscopy;2ν3 Infrared band