Geology of the Shakespeare quadrangle (H03), Mercury
Laura Guzzetta ; Valentina Galluzzi ; Luigi Ferranti ; et al. ; - ASI Sponsor
Dec - 2017
DOI: 10.1080/17445647.2017.1290556

journal : Journal of Maps

Volume : 13 ; Issue : 2
type: Article Journal

By using images acquired by the Mercury dual imaging system (MDIS) on-board the MESSENGER spacecraft during 2008–2015 and available DTMs, a new 1:3,000,000-scale geological map of the Shakespeare quadrangle of Mercury has been compiled. The quadrangle is located between latitudes 22.5°–65.0°N and longitudes 270.0°–180.0°E and covers an area of about 5 million km2. The mapping was based on photo-interpretation performed on a reference monochromatic basemap of reflectance at 166 m/pixel resolution. The geological features were digitized within a geographic information system with a variable mapping scale between 1:300,000 and 1:600,000. This quadrangle is characterized by the occurrence of three main types of plains materials and four basin materials (pertaining to the Caloris basin), whose geologic boundaries have been here redefined compared to the previous map of the quadrangle. The stratigraphic relationships between the craters were based on three main degradation morphologies. Furthermore, previously unmapped tectonic landforms were detected and interpreted as thrusts or wrinkle ridges

keywords : Planetary geology, Mercury, Shakespeare quadrangle, Caloris basin, geological mapping

Notes : FundingThis research was supported by the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana(ASI) within the SIMBIOSYS project(ASI-INAF agreement n.I/02/10/0).