Aqueous alteration detection in Tikhonravov crater, Mars
F. Mancarella ; S. Fonti ; G. Alemanno ; et al. ; - ASI Sponsor
Dec - 2017
DOI: 10.1016/j.pss.2017.12.005

journal : Planetary and Space Science

Volume : 149 ; Issue : December 2017
type: Article Journal

The existence of a wet period lasting long enough to allow the development of elementary forms of life on Mars has always been a very interesting issue. Given this perspective, the research for geological markers of such occurrences has been continually pursued. Once that a favorable site is detected, any effort should be done to get as much information as possible aimed to a precise assessment of the genesis and evolution of the areas showing the selected markers. In this work, we discuss the recent finding of possible deposits pointing to the past existence of liquid water in Tikhonravov crater located in Arabia Terra. Comparison of VNIR CRISM spectra and those of laboratory minerals formed by aqueous alteration has led us to the conclusion that the studied areas within the impact crater hosts phyllosilicates deposits. In addition, analysis of the CRISM spectra has resulted in the identification of possible carbonates mixed with phyllosilicates.

keywords : Mars surface; Infrared observations; Aqueous alteration; Image processing

Notes : AcknowledgememntsThis work has been partly supported by the Italian Space Agency (ASI)