Characterizing the population of pulsars in the inner Galaxy with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Mattia Di Mauro ; Eric Charles ; Matthew Wood ; ...Elisabetta Cavazzuti ; et al.
Oct - 2017

journal : Preprint

Volume : Draft version ; type: Article Journal

An excess of γ-ray emission from the Galactic Center (GC) region with respect to predictions based on a variety of interstellar emission models and γ-ray source catalogs has been found by many groups using data from the {\it Fermi} Large Area Telescope (LAT). Several interpretations of this excess have been invoked. In this paper we search for members of an unresolved population of γ-ray pulsars located in the inner Galaxy that are predicted by the interpretation of the GC excess as being due to a population of such sources. We use cataloged LAT sources to derive criteria that efficiently select pulsars with very small contamination from blazars. We search for point sources in the inner 40∘×40∘ region of the Galaxy, derive a list of approximately 400 sources, and apply pulsar selection criteria to extract pulsar candidates among our source list. We performed the entire data analysis chain with two different interstellar emission models (IEMs), and found a total of 135 pulsar candidates, of which 66 were selected with both IEMs.

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