2WHSP: A multi-frequency selected catalogue of high energy and very high energy γ-ray blazars and blazar candidates⋆
Y.-L. Chang ; B. Arsioli ; P. Giommi ; et al.
Feb - 2017
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201629487

journal : Astronomy & Astrophysics

Volume : 598 ; type: Article Journal

Aims. High synchrotron peaked blazars (HSPs) dominate the γ-ray sky at energies higher than a few GeV; however, only a few hundred blazars of this type have been cataloged so far. In this paper we present the 2WHSP sample, the largest and most complete list of HSP blazars available to date, which is an expansion of the 1WHSP catalogue of γ-ray source candidates off the Galactic plane.Methods. We cross-matched a number of multi-wavelength surveys (in the radio, infrared and X-ray bands) and applied selection criteria based on the radio to IR and IR to X-ray spectral slopes. To ensure the selection of genuine HSPs, we examined the SED of each candidate and estimated the peak frequency of its synchrotron emission (νpeak) using the ASDC SED tool, including only sources with νpeak > 1015 Hz (equivalent to νpeak > 4 eV).Results. We have assembled the largest and most complete catalogue of HSP blazars to date, which includes 1691 sources. A number of population properties, such as infrared colours, synchrotron peak, redshift distributions, and γ-ray spectral properties have been used to characterise the sample and maximize completeness. We also derived the radio log N–log S distribution. This catalogue has already been used to provide seeds to discover new very high energy objects within Fermi-LAT data and to look for the counterparts of neutrino and ultra high energy cosmic ray sources, showing its potential for the identification of promising high-energy γ-ray  sources and multi-messenger targets.

keywords : galaxies: active / BL Lacertae objects: general / radiation mechanisms: non-thermal / gamma rays: galaxies

Notes : "...This work was supported by the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana..."