The IOAG Recommendations On Spacecraft Emergency Cross Support
Wallace S. Tai, Thomas Beck, Jean-Marc Soula, Jean-Francois Levesque, Tsutomu Shigeta, Peter Willburger, Fabio D'Amico
Jul - 2016
DOI: 10.2514/6.2016-2478

Event Title : SpaceOps 2016 Conference - Daejeon, Korea
Published in: SpaceOps 2016 Conference (AIAA 2016-2478)
Publisher: AIAA
type: Conference Proceedings

1The IOAG Recommendations On Spacecraft Emergency Cross Support*Wallace S. Tai1,Jean-Marc Soula2, Tsutomu Shigeta3, FabioD’Amico4,, Thomas Beck5, Peter Willburger6, and Jean-Francois Levesque7In 2014, the Inter-agency Operations Advisory Group (IOAG) chartered a multi-agency team effort to studyhow to best handle spacecraft emergency as part of cross support among network assets. The original intent is to put in place for the first time a process and guidelines to make emergency support as part of a permanent cross-support capability between space agencies. From the perspective of space communications service providers, a few key issues, common to all agencies, concerning the Spacecraft Emergency Cross Support (SECS) have been explored. They are: context of emergency support, provision of emergency support under a cross-support agreement, provision of emergency support with no cross-support agreement, legal and liabilityissues, response time, support priority, services provided, sustaining emergency support capabilities, and charge for the support. The positions of the various participating agencies with respect to these issues have been collected, analyzed, and finally harmonized to form the recommended IOAG positions.

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