COSMO-SkyMed di Seconda Generazione Mission Requirements refinement process during Phase C
C. A. Fiorentino ; S Serva ; S Mari ; M. Porfilio
May - 2016
DOI: 10.2514/6.2016-2356

Event Title : 14th International Conference on Space Operations - 16-20 May 2016, Daejeon, Korea
Published in: SpaceOps 2016 Conferences (AIAA 2016-2356)
type: Conference Proceedings

COSMO-SkyMed di Seconda Generazione(CSG) is the Italian satellite system for Earth observation composed of two satellites embarking a high resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar. CSG is the follow-on of the dual-use COSMO-SkyMed mission, aimed at providing operational continuity with increased performance, flexibility and ability to respond to updated civilian and defence user needs. CSG programmewill encompass the necessary upgrading of the ground segment and of the Integrated Logistic Support and Operations segment, as needed to enhance the system capability to manage and satisfy heterogeneous and complementary dual use requirements. The experience gained with the operational exploitation of the first generation system shows that users have various needs according to their domain of belonging (defence, civilian institutional, civilian scientific and commercial). These needs have been continuously monitored and reviewed during the development of the system. In particular, during the Phase C, the mission requirements have been refined as a result of: an iterative process involving the Civilian and Defence Final Users;the exploitation of the bandwidth widening foreseen by International Telecommunication Union for Earth observationin X band;the introduction of new and innovative acquisition modes;the Concurrent Engineering with the currently operationalfirst generationsystem;the evolution of the agreements between the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and Italian Minister of Defence (It-MoD). The iteration with the Final Users allowed a significant improvement of the requirements in terms of provided services, leading to the introduction and the definition of new asynchronous services, namelythe “Very Urgent” and the “Last Minute Planning”, which provide the Users with the possibility to serve also last minute requests. Due to the ASI/It-MoD agreements evolution, new concepts for the programming rights have been introduced on the basis of the optimisation of the system resourcesexploitation improving also the fairness of the resource usage among all the Partners (Civilian and Defence). As regards the acquisition modes, the capability to serve more products in a specified area has been achieved by a state-of-the-art exploitation of both instrument and platform agility

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