Simulation of a Laue lens with bent Ge (111) crystals
Vineeth Valsan ; Enrico Virgilli ; Filippo Frontera ; et al. ; - ASI Sponsor
Nov - 2015

journal : [submitted to] Experimental Astronomy
type: Article Journal

In the context of Laue project for focusing hard X-/ soft gamma-rays, an entire Laue lens, using bent Ge(111) crystal tiles, with 40 meters curvature radius, is simulated with a focal length of 20 meters. The focusing energy band is between 80 keV and 600 keV. The distortion of the output image of the lens on the focal plane due to the effect of crystal tile misalignment as well as the radial distortion arising from the curvature of the crystal is discussed in detail. Expected detection efficiency and instrument background is also estimated. Finally the sensitivity of the Laue lens is calculated. A quantitative analysis of the results of these simulation is also presented.

keywords : Focusing telescopes·X-ray diffraction·Laue lens·Experimentalastronomy·High energy instrumentation

Notes : We also acknowledge the ASI (Italian SpaceAgency) for its support to the LAUE project under contract I/068/09/0