Optimization of ACM algorithms over Q/V-band satellite channels with the Alphasat Aldo Paraboni P/L
M. De Sanctis ; T. Rossi ; L. Rizzo ; et al. ; - ASI Sponsor
Mar - 2015
DOI: 10.1109/AERO.2015.7119307

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Published in: 2015 IEEE Aerospace Conference
Publisher: IEEE
type: Conference Proceedings

Future satellite communication systems providing broadband access to Internet require high throughput connectivity in the order of hundreds of Gbps or Tbps. Radical changes in technologies are needed to support these demanding requirements. One of the most important changes is the use of Q/V band frequencies which offer larger bandwidths with respect to the Ka band. However, Q/V band communication suffers from highly variable propagation losses and the use of Propagation Impairment Mitigation Techniques (PIMTs) is mandatory for an efficient use of radio resources such as power and bandwidth. In this paper we describe the first Q/V band satellite communication experiments that have been performed through the Alphasat “Aldo Paraboni” hosted payload. In particular, experimental results on ACM optimization will be presented.

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