Vela-X as main contributor to the electron and positron spectra for energy above 100 GeV
D. Rozza, S. Della Torrea, M. Gervasiab, P.G. Rancoita ; A. Trevesa ; - ASI Sponsor
Jul - 2015

Event Title : The 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference, 30 July- 6 August, 2015 The Hague, The Netherlands
Published in: PoS(ICRC2015)501
type: Conference Proceedings

The precise measurements of the electron plus positron spectra, in the energy range from 0.5 GeVup to 1 TeV, were published by the AMS-02 collaboration. We focus the attention above 10 GeVwhere the solar modulation effects are negligible. The differences between these data and the“classical” Local Interstellar Spectra, obtained using optimized GALPROP parameters, show anextra contribution suggesting an equal amount for both electrons and positrons. Thus, they wouldbe generated by a pair production process from the same source. We studied the contribution fromPulsarWind Nebulae starting from the photon spectrum (due to synchrotron and inverse Comptonprocesses) detected by gamma-ray telescopes. A diffusion model is applied from the source upto the Solar System and the propagated spectra are compared with the AMS-02 data. Above 100GeV, Vela-X is the main candidate to contribute to the observed excess, while, below 100 GeV,more aged pulsars like Monogem give a higher contribution. An estimation on the degree ofanisotropy from these sources is also presented.

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Notes : This work is supported by Agenzia Spaziale Italiana under contract ASI-INFN I/002/13/0,Progetto AMS - Missione scientifica ed analisi dati.