The IBIS (Italian Bioregenerative Systems) Working Group Advances the Life Support Sector
Pignataro, Salvatore ; Lobascio, Cesare ; De Pascale, Stefania
Jul - 2015

Event Title : 45th International Conference on Environmental Systems
Published in: International Conference on Environmental Systems
Publisher: ICES
type: Conference Proceedings

Environmental Control & Life Support based on bio-regenerative technologies is a multidisciplinary theme, rapidly developing in the international arena and presenting a robust scientific and industrial background in Italy. The theme, crucial for space exploration, includes the development of closed-loop systems for the affordable human exploration and colonization of the Solar System. It is as well connected to the more traditional agriculture and civil / environmental areas, with a high potential for transferring knowledge and technologies developed for Space and with the expectation of a significant contribution to sustainability issues, via increased resource and energy use efficiency. The theme of the Bio-regenerative Life Support is one of the key assets in the Horizon 2020 Agenda of the European Commission, in the Global Exploration Roadmap and in the European Space Agency and Italian Space Agency roadmaps. In this framework, it was deemed appropriate to create a national network of stakeholders, a forum for the exchange of information and ideas, and to initiate and coordinate specific actions that could stimulate and encourage research, industrial and business initiatives on the subject. The IBIS (Italian Bioregenerative Systems) Working Group has been established bringing together the scientific and industrial experts on the subject, also through the organization of specific national and international events; to encourage the exchange of ideas and information; and to contribute to the formation of a national vision for the medium and long term. This paper describes the initiatives of the IBIS WG conducted to date and the most significant results, including the harmonization of Italian research activities and the scientific and outreach events organized by the WG, as well as the expected future activities.

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