Integrated Space Related Applications for Security and Defense
Fiumara Alessandra
Oct - 2014
DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4614-2029-3_26
ISBN : 978-1-4614-2028-6
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type: Book Section

This chapter makes an overview of space integrated applications for security and defense. In the context of ever-increasing globalization, security and defense issues become inextricably linked. Global threats come up. The conceptual meaning of risk has changed from a physical enemy to be fought with weapons to an insecurity permanent feeling impacting the daily life of citizens. The scenario is characterized by new challenges: a boost in the number of crisis, their diversified nature (technological accidents, natural disasters, complex man-made crisis), their unpredictability, and their locations all over the world. Moreover, new domains such as energy, transportation, and mobility are concerned by security issues.This evolution entails an integrated approach involving different actors from military and civilian contexts. Integration and interoperability are also considered for the development of adequate capabilities. Space systems have always been playing an essential role in the security and defense domain, at strategic, tactical, and operational level. When different technologies are integrated, a wider spectrum of applications can be generated and space technologies provide services otherwise unobtainable, such as the generation of added value for reliable information, the provision of autonomous surveillance of remote areas, the creation of cost-effective innovative solutions for new users, and the increase of crisis response efficiency. Thanks to their intrinsic capabilities to provide services across borders and nations, satellites are a good ground to experiment and push forwards concepts such as interoperability, sharing, and dual use.Far from being exhaustive, the chapter gives an overview of the different applications domains and the current developments and trends. To deliver concrete examples, emphasis is paid to European context, projects, and programs.

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