Shape Memory Epoxy Foams: New Materials for Aerospace Applications
Loredana Santo ; ASI sponsor
Jan - 2012
DOI: 10.4028/

Event Title : THERMEC 2011
Published in: Materials Science Forum (Volumes 706-709)
type: Conference Proceedings

In this paper, shape memory epoxy foams, obtained by the new solid-state foaming process for thermosetting resin powder, are investigated. Foaming experiments in different configurations, compression tests, constrained stress recovery tests, and density measurements are discussed. The interesting results seem to be very promising for the aerospace application of shape memory epoxy foams as light actuators, structural parts with reduced size during shipping, and expandable/deployable structures. Finally, an attractive experiment is introduced. It is designed for the next Space Shuttle STS-134/ULF-6 in I-25/26, on April 2011, with the aim to study the behavior of this new class of materials in microgravity.

keywords : Shape Memory Epoxy Foam, Smart Polymers, SMP Foam