Planck 2013 results. XXVIII. The Planck Catalogue of Compact Sources
P. A. R. Ade ; N. Aghanim ; F. Argüeso ; ... Mandolesi, N. et al. ;
Nov - 2014
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201321524
ISSN : 0004-6361 ;
journal : Astronomy & Astrophysics - 571, A28 (2014)

Volume : 571 ; Issue : A28
type: Article Journal

The Planck Catalogue of Compact Sources (PCCS) is the catalogue of sources detected in the first 15 months of Planck operations, the “nominal” mission. It consists of nine single-frequency catalogues of compact sources, both Galactic and extragalactic, detected over the entire sky. The PCCS covers the frequency range 30–857 GHz with higher sensitivity (it is 90% complete at 180 mJy in the best channel) and better angular resolution (from 32.88′ to 4.33′) than previous all-sky surveys in this frequency band. By construction its reliability is >80% and more than 65% of the sources have been detected in at least two contiguous Planck channels. In this paper we present the construction and validation of the PCCS, its contents and its statistical characterization.

keywords : cosmology: observations / radio continuum: general / submillimeter: general