SAR Bathymetry in the Tyrrhenian Sea by COSMO-SkyMed Data: A Novel Approach
Renga, Alfredo ; Rufino, Giancarlo ; DErrico, Marco ; ...Zoffoli, Simona
Jul - 2014
DOI: 10.1109/JSTARS.2014.2327150
ISSN : 1939-1404 ;
journal : IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing

Issue : 7
type: Article Journal

Surface current variations generated by underwater bottom topography produce intensity modulations in SAR images. The direct inversion from image intensity to bathymetry is difficult, in general, because of the theoretical complexity of the involved physical mechanisms and the practical consideration that most of the required parameters cannot be derived from SAR data. The conventional approach for SAR bathymetry relies on the forward mechanism, i.e, the simulation of SAR images from (partially) known bottom topography and, then, the adjustment of the bathymetry through iterative comparison between simulated and collected images. This paper deals with the development of a bathymetric SAR algorithm able to perform the direct inversion limiting the need for a priori information or in situ measurements, and for human intervention in the processing chain. The proposed approach is tested on COSMO-SkyMed data collected over coastal regions in the Gulf of Naples, showing that dense coverage and metric accuracy can be achieved even when the current is not strong enough to dominate SAR response.

keywords : Bathymetry,COSMO-SkyMed,COSMO-SkyMed data,Gulf of Naples,Kernel,SAR bathymetry,SAR image intensity modulations,SAR image simulation,Sea measurements,Sea surface,Surface morphology,Surface topography,Surface waves,Synthetic aperture radar,Tyrrhenian Sea,bathymetric SAR algorithm,bathymetry,coastal regions,forward mechanism,geophysical image processing,image intensity inversion,inverse problems,iterative comparison,iterative methods,oceanographic regions,oceanographic techniques,radar imaging,remote sensing by radar,surface current,surface current variations,synthetic aperture radar,synthetic aperture radar (SAR),underwater bottom topography