2012 hyperspectral airborne campaign on Etna: Multi data acquisition for ASI-PRISMA project
Lombardo, Alessandro La Spina ; Claudia Spinetti ; Cristina Ananasso ; et al.
Jan - 2013

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In the frame of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) Hyperspectral Space Mission PRISMA, the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia coordinates the scientific project ASI-AGI aimed to develop specific algorithms and products for geophysical applications. Data validation and calibration activities have been focused on active volcanic areas and three test sites have been selected in Sicily, Italy. In the period 23-27 June 2012 the project team has organized an hyperspectral airborne and field measurements campaign over Mt. Etna, Paterno area and Ciclopi Islands investigating various surface targets using different instruments. The airborne and ground campaign have been planned during satellites passes of Hyperion and ASTER. The whole data set acquired during this campaign allowed the airborne data calibration and provide a suitable data set to simulate PRISMA data and to test the developed algorithms in the framework of the project.

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