A simplified view of blazars: comparison with multi-frequency observations
Giommi, Paolo ; Padovani, P.
Jan - 2013

journal : Proceedings of the Thirteenth Marcel Grossman Meeting on General Relativity
type: Article Journal

We have recently proposed a new scenario where blazars are cl assified as flat-spectrum radio quasars or BL Lacs according to the prescriptions of un ified schemes, and to a varying combination of Doppler boosted radiation from the j et, emission from the ac- cretion disk, the broad line region, and light from the host g alaxy. This mix of different components leads to strong selection effects, which are prop erly taken into account in our scheme. We describe here the main features of our approac h, which solves many long-standing issues of blazar research, give the most impo rtant results, and discuss its implications and testable predictions

keywords : ASI - Authors,active galactic nuclei,blazars,radiation processes