Preventive or potential therapeutic value of nutraceuticals against ionizing radiation-induced oxidative stress in exposed subjects and frequent fliers.
Giardi, MT Maria Teresa ; Touloupakis, Eleftherios ; Bertolotto, Delfina ; ...Mascetti, Gabriele
Jan - 2013
DOI: 10.3390/ijms140817168
ISSN : 1422-0067 ;
journal : International journal of molecular sciences

Issue : 8
type: Article Journal

Humans are constantly exposed to ionizing radiation deriving from outer space sources or activities related to medical care. Absorption of ionizing radiation doses over a prolonged period of time can result in oxidative damage and cellular dysfunction inducing several diseases, especially in ageing subjects. In this report, we analyze the effects of ionizing radiation, particularly at low doses, in relation to a variety of human pathologies, including cancer, and cardiovascular and retinal diseases. We discuss scientific data in support of protection strategies by safe antioxidant formulations that can provide preventive or potential therapeutic value in response to long-term diseases that may develop following exposure.

keywords : ageing,antioxidants,cancer,cardiovascular disease,ionizing radiation,low doses,oxidation stress,radio-protection,retina degeneration