DREAMS for the ExoMars 2016 mission: a suite of sensors for the characterization of Martian environment
Esposito, F. ; Debei, S. ; Bettanini, C. ; ...Mugnuolo, R. ; ...Pirrotta, S.
Jan - 2013

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The DREAMS package is a suite of sensors for the characterization of the Martian basic state meteorology and of the atmospheric electric properties at the landing site of the Entry, descent and landing Demonstration Module (EDM) of the ExoMars mission. The EDM will land on Meridiani Planum in October 2016, during the statistical dust storm season. This will allow DREAMS to investigate the status of the atmosphere of Mars during this particular season and also to understand the role of dust as a potential source of electrical phenomena on Mars. DREAMS will be the first instrument to perform a measurement of electric field on Mars.

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