BIOKIS: a model payload for multidisciplinary experiments in microgravity
Vukich, Marco ; Ganga, Pier Luigi PL; Cavalieri, Duccio ; et al. ; - ASI Sponsor
Jun - 2012
DOI: 10.1007/s12217-012-9309-6
ISSN : 0938-0108 ;
journal : Microgravity Science and Technology

Volume : 24 ; Issue : 6
type: Article Journal

In this paper we report about the BIOKIS payload: a multidisciplinary set of experiments and measurements in the fields of Biology (4) and Dosimetry (3) performed in microgravity. BIOKIS took advantage of the last STS-134 Endeavour mission and engineering state of the art in Space Life Science. The BIOKIS payload is compact, efficient, and capable to host experiments with different samples and science disciplines. Moreover, the time overlap of biological experiments and dosimetry measurements will produce more insightful information.

keywords : DAMA BIOKIS BIOKON Experiment hardware Experiment unit BioS-SPORE Arabidops-ISS PHOTOEVOLUTION TARDIKISS HiDOSE 3DISS nDOSE