L'uomo oltre l'uomo. Ubermensch, Hypermensch, Mul-timensch: ipotesi pedagogiche e competenze speciali nell'uomo tra il XIX e il XXI secolo. Una prospettiva di ricerca
Toscano ; R ; - ASI Sponsor
Jan - 2012

journal : Studi sulla Formazione
type: Article Journal

The latest generation of personal devices available on the market consists of devices in cloud mode, devoid of physicalness, and working exclusively online. We are now witnessing the dawn of the post-PC era, in which the individual, by now open source, is undergoing a constant mutation of self resulting in a shared cloud identity. Within such a new world-system, by now a spatio-temporal cyber-limbo governed by a stream of multi-code information, the subject experiences his or her own becoming. By virtue of such phenomenologies, man, genetically bound to an evolutionary continuum, modifies his own άνθροπος in an unceasing autopoietic process, also thanks to the symbiotic potentials of the new devices. All this in virtue of a hypothetical, eternal optimization of his own status, the source of a different type of man, with a virtually multiple and shared self as well as an unusual trans-identitarian nature, that of the Multimensch, whose aspects are now under study. In the light of such processes, still in progress, an epistemological reflection is worth undertaking. Aimed at identifying the possible vectors of a pedagogical hypothesis taking into account the consequences on a cognitive and social level of such phenomenologies connoting contemporary man, such reflection results in an attempt to find an answer to the proliferation of non-places and non-times in which each individual today expresses his or her being in and of the world. This article is a Research Letter on this on-going research outlook, of which I have presented the basic outline from which the study will be developed.

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