Results from INSAR monitoring of the 2010–2011 New Zealand seismic sequence: EA detection and earthquake triggering
Salvi, S. ; Atzori, S. ; Tolomei, C. ; ...Coletta, A. ; ...Zoffoli, S.
Jul - 2012
DOI: 10.1109/IGARSS.2012.6350654
ISSN : 2153-6996 ; ISBN : 978-1-4673-1159-5

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type: Conference Proceedings

We used a variety of SAR-based techniques to measure the crustal deformation associated to the Darfield and Christchurch earthquakes, New Zealand. We detected clear post-seismic signals of the Darfield earthquake, and a pre-seismic signal spatially and temporally associated to the Christchurch earthquake. The small pre-seismic signal (25 mm) has an opposite polarity of the much larger co-seismic one (150 mm) in the same area.

keywords : AD 2010 to 2011,COSMO-SkyMed,Christchurch earthquakes,Darfield earthquakes,Earth crust,Earthquakes,InSAR monitoring,Interferometry,Monitoring,New Zealand,SAR interferometry,SAR-based techniques,Satellites,Seismic measurements,Stress,Synthetic aperture radar,co-seismic polarity,crustal deformation,earthquake anomaly,earthquake triggering,pre-seismic signal,remote sensing by radar,seismic sequence