SIGRI - an Integrated System for Detecting, Monitoring, Characterizing Forest Fires and Assessing damage by LEO-GEO Data
Giovanni Laneve, Enrico Cadau, Fabrizio Ferrucci, et al. - Rosa Loizzo
Feb - 2012
ISSN : 2279-7254 ;
journal : Italian Journal of Remote Sensing

Volume : 44 ; Issue : 1
type: Article Journal

I, MODIS, HRVIR, HRG, TM, ASTER, LISS-III ) and (3) upon SAR very high resolution (C osmo Sky Med) and V-NIR observation by new commercial or dual-use satellites. The system, of which the appointed user is the Italian Department of Civil Protection (DPC), is expected to deal at once with law enforcement (burn scar mapp ing), preparedness (risk mapp ing and urban interface fire contingency pl anning) and operational issues (fire detection and propagation prediction). It will be demonstrated in three operational theaters (northern Italy – Liguria, southern Italy – Calabria, and the island of Sardinia), all characterized by high frequency of occurrence of fires, but greatly differing in terms of fires styl e. Keyword: fire, management, satell ite, burned area, detection.

keywords : ana,area,burne,e,ent,etection,fire,ite,sate