A coherent polarimeter array for the Large Scale Polarization Explorer (LSPE) balloon experiment
Bersanelli, M. ; Mennella, A. ; Morgante, G. ; ...Battaglia, P. ; ...Mandolesi, N. ; et al.
Sep - 2012
DOI: 10.1117/12.925688

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type: Conference Proceedings

We discuss the design and expected performance of STRIP (STRatospheric Italian Polarimeter), an array of coherent receivers designed to fly on board the LSPE (Large Scale Polarization Explorer) balloon experiment. The STRIP focal plane array comprises 49 elements in Q band and 7 elements in W-band using cryogenic HEMT low noise amplifiers and high performance waveguide components. In operation, the array will be cooled to 20 K and placed in the focal plane of a 0.6 meter telescope providing an angular resolution of 1.5 degrees. The LSPE experiment aims at large scale, high sensitivity measurements of CMB polarization, with multi-frequency deep measurements to optimize component separation. The STRIP Q-band channel is crucial to accurately measure and remove the synchrotron polarized component, while the W-band channel, together with a bolometric channel at the same frequency, provides a crucial cross-check for systematic effects.

keywords : I/022/11/0 LSPE