Simultaneous observations in the X – rays , radio , optical and TeV bands
Tagliaferri, G ; Ravasio, M ; Ghisellini, G ; ...Giommi, P ; et al.
Jan - 2011

journal : Astronomy \& Astrophysics
type: Article Journal

We present the results of the BeppoSAX observations of two BL Lacs, OQ 530 and S5 0716+714, as part of a ToO program for the simultaneous observation at radio, optical, X-ray and TeV energies. Both sources are detected in the LECS and MECS, with S5 0716+714 visible also in the PDS band, up to about 60 keV. The X-ray spectra of both sources are better fitted by a double power-law model, with a steep soft X-ray component flattening at harder energies, with breaks at 0.3 and 1.5 keV, respectively. The concave shape of the spectra in both objects is consistent with soft X-rays being produced by the synchrotron and harder X-rays by the inverse Compton processes. Also the X-ray variability properties confirm this scenario, in particular for S5 0716+714 our observation shows variations by about a factor 3 over one hour below 3 keV and no variability above. Their simultaneous broad band energy spectral distributions can be successfully interpreted within the frame of a homogeneous synchrotron and inverse Compton model, including a possible contribution from an external source of seed photons with the different spectral states of S5 0716+714 being reproduced by changing the injected power. The resulting parameters are fully consistent with the two sources being intermediate objects within the sequence scenario proposed for blazars.

keywords : 714,bl lacetae objects,galaxies,general,individual,oq 530,s5 0716,x-rays