Testing discrete symmetries with the cosmic microwave background: current constraints and Planck forecasts
Mandolesi, N ; Burigana, C ; Gruppuso, A ; et al.
Dec - 2011
ISSN : 1742-6596 ;
journal : Journal of Physics: Conference Series

Issue : 1
type: Article Journal

Anisotropy and polarization of the CMB are probing cosmological models with unprecedented precision. The WMAP satellite data are largely consistent with concordance ACDM cosmology. However, intriguing flukes are known to exist that may pinpoint at physics beyond the standard model. Constraining the violations of discrete symmetries in the CMB pattern is a promising mean to investigate these discrepancies. In this paper we constrain the Parity and 5\vz5±5¯ symmetries through CMB datasets. We describe the basic formalism, the relevant estimators and the overall analysis strategy. We provide marginal evidence for large scale Parity anomaly in the WMAP data that may be soon confirmed or discarded by the Planck satellite. Planck is currently measuring CMB anisotropies and their polarization with a level of precision that will remain unparalleled for many years to come. We also show how the CMB can be used to constrain fundamental symmetry violations in the photon sector through the so-called cosmological birefringence phenomenon. Finally, we provide forecasts for Planck and we discuss how emission from a specific diffuse foreground component arising within the Solar System needs to be kept under strict control to avoid incurring into false positive detections.

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