Space Debris Mitigation in France, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom
Portelli, Claudio ; Alby, Fernand ; Crowther, Richard ; et al.
Apr - 2010
ISSN : 02731177 ;
journal : Advances in Space Research

Issue : 8
type: Article Journal

The Space systems today provide growing benefits to enhance the quality of humankind. However, as a by-product, the orbiting objects inevitably leaves some debris which after 50 years of space activities represent a concern for all space agencies and manufacturers and operators. Since last year no international agreement was in place to mitigate the growing population of spacedebris objects. The successful result obtained at UN-COPUOS in 2007 and available in the OOSA web site, now gives to the public, a set of voluntary international guidelines that could, if adopted by each space fairing Country, help in maintaining the present space environment. More further steps are necessary in the future to define a legal and normative framework. The paper will present the seven established UN SpaceDebris guidelines as well as examples of the minimum steps to be carried out at national level to enable the UN-COPUOS to start the discussion of the legal aspect associated with the spacedebris issue.

keywords : oosa: office of outer space affairs,spacedebrismitigation,un-copuos: united nation committee on peaceful use