Contribution of Cosmo/SkyMed data into PRIMI: A pilot project on marine oil pollution. results after one year of operations
Nirchio, F. ; Pandiscia, G. ; Ruggieri, G. ; et al.
Jul - 2010
DOI: 10.1109/IGARSS.2010.5654006
ISSN : 2153-6996 ; ISBN : 978-1-4244-9565-8

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type: Conference Proceedings

In this paper we present the Pilot Project PRIMI, designed to provide information on marine oil spills, and its validation campaign, held in august 2009, conducted with the oceanography ship Urania. During the experiment CosmoSkymed has provided an extraordinary contribution supplying almost any day images over the area inspected by the ship and in some cases also images requested with short notice.

keywords : AD 2009 08,Astrophysics,Cosmo/SkyMed data,F.: ASI authors,Laser radar,MODIS,Nirchio,Oil Spill,Optical imaging,PRIMI,Petroleum,Reflectivity,SAR,Satellites,Sea surface,Urania,any day images,in-situ data,marine oil pollution,marine oil spills,marine pollution,oceanography,oceanography ship,oil pollution,remote sensing by radar,ships,spaceborne radar,synthetic aperture radar,validation campaign

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