SIMBIO-SYS: The spectrometer and imagers integrated observatory system for the BepiColombo planetary orbiter
Flamini, E. ; Capaccioni, F. ; Colangeli, L. ; et al.
Jan - 2010
ISSN : 00320633 ;
journal : Planetary and Space

Issue : 1-2
type: Article Journal

Abstract The limited knowledge about the majority of the Mercury surface leaves many open questions regarding its geological evolution, the anomalously high metal/silicate ratio, the magnetic field generation and exosphere evolution. An integrated suite of instruments, Spectrometer and Imagers for MPO BepiColombo-Integrated Observatory SYStem (SIMBIO-SYS), which includes a stereo imaging system (STC), a high-resolution imager (HRIC) and a visiblenear-infrared imaging spectrometer (VIHI), has been selected for the ESA BepiColombo mission to Mercury. SIMBIO-SYS will scan the hermean surface with the three channels and map the physical, morphological, tectonic and compositional properties of the entire planet. The availability of high-resolution images will unveil details of specific target at an unprecedented resolution. The main scientific objectives and performances along with technical characteristics of SIMBIO-SYS are described in this paper.

keywords : bepicolombo,dtm,mercury,planetary geology,simbio-sys,surface composition