The observation of GRBs with AGILE and the interesting cases of GRB 090618 and GRB 100724B
Del Monte, E. ; Barbiellini, G. ; Fuschino, F. ; Salotti, L. ; et al.
Jan - 2011
DOI: 10.1063/1.3621773

Event Title : GAMMA RAY BURSTS 2010
Published in: AIP Conference Proceedings;1358, 209 (2011)
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
type: Conference Proceedings

The AGILE satellite, in orbit since 2007, is localizing about 0.5 GRBs per month with the hard X‐ray imager SuperAGILE (18–60 keV) and is detecting around 1 GRB per week with the non‐imaging Minicalorimeter (0.35–100 MeV). Up to now the AGILE Gamma Ray Imaging Detector firmly detected four GRBs in the energy band between 20 MeV and few GeV. In this presentation we review the status of the GRBs observation with AGILE, we discuss the upper limits in the gamma‐ray band of the non‐detected events and we show some interesting bursts, especially GRB 090618 (bright in soft and hard‐X rays, optical and radio but lacking GeV emission) and GRB 100724B (with a bright GeV emission simultaneous to hard‐X rays without delayed onset).

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