The COSMO SKYMED constellation turn on the laquila earthquake: Dinsar results of the morfeo project
Bovenga, F. ; Candela, Laura ; Casu, F. ; et al.
Jul - 2010

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On April 6th 2009 a Mw=6.3 earthquake struck the area around the city of LAquila in Italy. SAR systems have been proven to be valuable sensors for analyzing the effect of earthquakes and monitoring post-seismic displacements. Due to the low deformation rate, the study of post-seismic events requires the use of a multi-temporal InSAR approach. COSMO/SKYMED is a constellation of SAR sensors of 4 X-band sensors operative also for the civilian use. Thanks to the availability of a stack of ascending acquisitions, ad hoc programmed by ASI on the area stricken by the earthquake, it was possible to provide post-seismic deformation maps by using two different multi-temporal interferometric approaches: the SPINUA and SBAS techniques. The work is carried out in the framework of the MORFEO project dedicated to the monitoring of the landslides risk by means of Earth Observation data. The displacement maps related to the post-seismic activity are presented and commented. The results clearly show the potentiality of the COSMO/SKYMED constellation use for emergency monitoring.

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