Fermi LAT Search for Photon Lines from 30 to 200 GeV and Dark Matter Implications
Bastieri, D ; Bechtol, K ; Bellazzini, R ; et al. ; - ASI Sponsor
Jan - 2010

journal : Physical Review Letters

Issue : 091302
type: Article Journal

Dark matter (DM) particle annihilation or decay can produce monochromatic \\backslash gamma\-rays readily distinguishable from astrophysical sources. \\backslash gamma\-ray line limits from 30 GeV to 200 GeV obtained from 11 months of Fermi Large Area Space Telescope data from 20-300 GeV are presented using a selection based on requirements for a \\backslash gamma\-ray line analysis, and integrated over most of the sky. We obtain \\backslash gamma\-ray line flux upper limits in the range \0.6-4.5\backslash times 10\^\-9\\backslash mathrm\cm\\^\-2\\backslash mathrm\s\\^\-1\\, and give corresponding DM annihilation cross-section and decay lifetime limits. Theoretical implications are briefly discussed.

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