COSMO-SkyMed contribution in oil spill monitoring of the Mediterranean Sea
Nirchio, F. ; Pandiscia, G. ; Ruggieri, G. ; et al.
Jan - 2009
DOI: 10.1109/IGARSS.2009.5418209
ISBN : 978-1-4244-3394-0

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type: Conference Proceedings

High resolution Cosmo-SkyMed SAR images are used for oil spill detection and ship identification on the Mediterranean Sea, in the framework of PRIMI Pilot Project currently developed by Italian Space Agency (ASI). The system consists of four components, two of them devoted to the analysis of the SAR and Optical satellites images for the slicks detection, an oil spill forecast subsystem and a central archive that provides web-gis services; a preliminary version of the system is already operational. Besides the slicks relevant information and detected ships on the analyzed scene, the system also provides meteorological and oceanographic information. The architecture of the system, the operational scenario and the preliminary results are presented.

keywords : Cosmo-SkyMed SAR images,Image analysis,Image resolution,Information analysis,Italian Space Agency,Layout,MERIS,MODIS,Marine vehicles,Mediterranean Sea,Monitoring,Oil Spill,Optical devices,PRIMI Pilot Project,Petroleum,SAR,SAR image analysis,Satellites,Weather forecasting,Web-GIS services,environmental factors,forecast,marine pollution,oceanographic regions,oceanographic techniques,oil pollution,oil slick detection,oil spill detection,oil spill forecast subsystem,oil spill monitoring,optical image analysis,pollution measurement,remote sensing by radar,ship identification,synthetic aperture radar