Space explorer international: Fitness challenge 2010 (SEI)
Lloyd, Charles W. ; Cortez, Jaqueline M. ; Spiero, Francois ; ...Mascetti, Gabriele ; et al.
Jan - 2009
ISBN : 9781615679089

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type: Conference Proceedings

Physical inactivity and unhealthy diet are two of the most significant health risks that lead to the major non-communicable diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, as well as others. The U.S.A. Health and Human Services recently released guidelines for all Americans. The prevalence of overweight on a world-wide level has steadily increased over the past two decades in both adults and children. This concern over an ever increasing sedentary population of children and adolescents is worldwide with studies from the USA, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Russia, Great Britain, and others. Questions remain if there is any direct relationship with physical activity in childhood and adolescence. and the onset of chronic diseases later in life. There is no question that there is a strong need to stem this ever increasing trend of sedentary life style and obesity throughout the world. Studies have been completed on potential avenues of interventions from minimizing television, increasing physical activity during school hours, as well as, after school, and modifications of diets from high energy fat and saturated fat foods to increased amounts of fruits and vegetables intake. The Space Explorer International: Fitness Challenge (SEI) will be a worldwide challenge which offers another means by which countries and youth groups can provide children background on good nutrition and fitness as well as strive to become and stay more active. The SEI seeks to inspire and educate young people world-wide that good fitness and nutrition are life-long endeavors. The Challenge uses the current space exploration programs as the backdrop for Getting and Staying Fit in both Body and Mind. The SEI is being organized and developed by a multi-Agency team that encompasses a set of countries world-wide. The challenge is to be organized in 2009 and the challenge teams will begin in 2010 with the collimating event to occur in April 2011. Underway are plans for the development of an inspirational 8-minute video by the participating countries, identification of incountry events leading up to the Fitness Challenge and recruitment of additional countries to participate in the Challenge. In 2011 the winning Challenge teams will be recognized by their country and will have an opportunity to talk with the current crew of the International Space Station.

keywords : Blood pressure - Chemical contamination - Dise,Cardio-vascular disease - Children and adolescen