Michael Meyer zu Hörste, Mario Caporale , Kashif Din et al.
Jan - 2009
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-211-87450-9
ISBN : 978-3-211-87449-3
Book Title : Threats, Risks and Sustainability — Answers by Space. Studies in Space Policy Volume 2
pages: 203--247; Volume: 2; series: Studies in Space Policy
type: Book Section

The context: people are travelling more and more and freight transportation is increasing with globalisation. The management of land, air and sea traffic is a crucial issue with critical economic, safety and security consequences. Sustainable mobility is then paramount and requires a constantly more effective and reliable traffic management in and between those various sectors. At the same time, all modes of transportation impact on the environment to different extents. Aiming at sustainability might therefore require limiting our mobility.

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