Microwave to gamma-ray properties of Fermi-LAT detected AGNs
Gasparrini, Dario ; Giommi, Paolo ; Pittori, Carlotta ; ...Colafrancesco, Sergio ; ...Cavazzuti, E
Jan - 2009

journal : The Extreme Sky:
type: Article Journal

Blazars are a small fraction of all extragalactic sources bu t, unlike other objects, they are strong emitters across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Rece nt data in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum have become available to allow fo r systematic studies of blazars over large cosmological volumes. This frequency band is indeed p articularly suited for the selection of blazars since at these frequencies the contamination from r adio extended components with steep spectra is no longer present and the emission from the accret ion process is negligible. During the first 3 months of scientific operations Fermi-LAT detecte d 106 bright, high-galactic latitude (|b|> 10 deg) AGNs with high significance. In this study we inv estigate the possible relations between the microwave and the gamma-ray emissions for Fermi -LAT detected AGNs belonging to WMAP 5th year bright source catalog

keywords : Colafrancesco Sergio,E. Cavazzuti: ASI authors. Gasparrini Dario,Giommi Paolo,Pittori Carlotta