Generation of long RNA chains in water.
Costanzo, Giovanna ; Pino, Samanta ; Ciciriello, Fabiana ; et al. ; - ASI Sponsor
Nov - 2009
ISSN : 1083-351X ;
journal : The Journal of biological chemistry

Issue : 48
type: Article Journal

The synthesis of RNA chains from 3,5-cAMP and 3,5-cGMP was observed. The RNA chains formed in water, at moderate temperatures (40-90 degrees C), in the absence of enzymes or inorganic catalysts. As determined by RNase analyses, the bonds formed were canonical 3,5-phosphodiester bonds. The polymerizations are based on two reactions not previously described: 1) oligomerization of 3, 5-cGMP to approximately 25-nucleotide-long RNA molecules, and of 3,5-cAMP to 4- to 8-nucleotide-long molecules. Oligonucleotide A molecules were further extended by reciprocal terminal ligation to yield RNA molecules up to >120 nucleotides long and 2) chain extension by terminal ligation of newly polymerized products of 3,5-cGMP on preformed oligonucleotides. The enzyme- and template-independent synthesis of long oligomers in water from prebiotically affordable precursors approaches the concept of spontaneous generation of (pre)genetic information.

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