Status, results and perspectives of the Italian Earth Observation SAR COSMO - SkyMed
Caltagirone ; F. ; - ASI Sponsor
Jan - 2009
ISBN : 978-1-4244-4747-3

journal : Radar Conference, 2009. EuRAD 2009. European
type: Article Journal

COSMO - SkyMed is a Dual - Use program, devoted to produce both civilian and military applications, and as such, it is required to have a fast response time, to manage conflicts and to optimize resources. This paper provides a description of the current COSMO-SkyMed unique in-orbit performances, functionalities and Dual-Use design, implementation and operations, comparing them with other RADAR remote sensing Systems. In this context examples and potentialities of the data already acquired and catalogued are given and discussed. Following that the paper summarizes: 1) The lesson learnt and the needs evolution up to now collected from the Scientific, Technological and User Communities, also trough the experiments performed in the frame of the current utilization phase; 2) The evolution that is planned for the 2nd generation of the COSMO - SkyMed System to provide the involved Civilian and Defence Communities with adequate imagery capabilities and global performance. In particular are discussed: 3) The new/improved architectures and technologies necessary in the Space as in the Ground Segments to provide new/improved operative modes, performances, applications, interoperability and modularity features, life-cycle costs, et cetera; 4) The implementation plan of the necessary technical improvements; 5) The COSMO - SkyMed 2nd Generation development and deployment plan.

keywords : Delay,Image segmentation,Instruments,Italian earth observation,Low earth orbit satellites,Military satellites,Resource management,Risk management,SAR COSMO,Satellite broadcasting,Space technology,Synthetic aperture radar,deployment plan,in-orbit performances,military applications,military radar,radar remote sensing,remote sensing by radar,utilization phase