Italian Space Agency pilot projects to support disaster management and environmental monitoring
Ananasso, C. ; Bianco, G. ; Candela, L. ; ...Dini, L. ; ...Garramone, L. ; ...Loizzo, R. ; ...Nirchio, F. ; et al.
Jan - 2009

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The Italian Space Agency (ASI) is building up an end-to-end service infrastructure in order to satisfy the user needs from different actors typically involved in the risk management phases of natural and man-induced hazards. To meet this objective, ASI has started several programmes for the development of: a space component with COSMOSkyMed and PRISMA, a ground segment component with the National Multimission Centre, and an application component with the Pilot Projects. The Pilot Projects are mainly devoted to risk management of hydro-geological and geophysical hazards such as fires, oil spills, air pollution, coastal monitoring, volcanic and seismic activity, floods and landslides.

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